Mural Morsels is a series of short features from the Soho Bites podcast made for Soho Radio (they’re small Bites… morsels if you will….).

In each episode we talk to a different person about one of the incredible historical figures appearing in the Spirit of Soho Mural. There are writers, actors, scientists, composers, artisans, politicians, philanthropists, transvestite diplomats, thinkers, drinkers and more.

If you have expertise or particular knowledge about any of the people in the mural and would like to come on the show to talk about them, please get in touch.

Ep 20: George Frideric Handel with Dr Helen Coffey

Ep 19: Henry Angelo with Keith Ducklin
Ep 18: Chevalier d’Eon with Tony Shrimplin
Ep 17: Maude Stanley with Emily White
Ep 16: Isaac Newton with Ian McDiarmid
Ep 15: William Blake with John Riordan
Ep 14: Paul Verlaine with Niall McDevitt
Ep 13: John Snow with Jago Hazzard
Ep 12: William Hogarth with Jacqueline Riding
Ep 11: Ronnie Scott with Barry Fantoni
Ep 10: Angelica Kauffman with Nika Garrett
Ep 9: George Melly with Gary Yershon
Ep 8: Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell with Elaine Galloway
Ep 7: Casanova with Ian Kelly
Ep 6: Fanny Kelly with Luke Dixon
Ep 5: Shelley with Ken Hollings
Ep 4: Jeffrey Bernard with Michael Heath
Ep 3: Jessie Matthews with Rob Baker
Ep 2: Groucho Marx with Mark Brisenden
Ep 1: Karl Marx with Tony Shrimplin

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