Mural Morsels is a series of short features from the Soho Bites podcast made for Soho Radio (they’re small Bites… morsels if you will….). In each episode we talk to a different person about one of the historical figures who appears in the Spirit of Soho Mural.

NEXT WEEK – Ep 15: William Blake with John Riordan
Ep 14: Paul Verlaine with Niall McDevitt
Ep 13: John Snow with Jago Hazzard
Ep 12: William Hogarth with Jacqueline Riding
Ep 11: Ronnie Scott with Barry Fantoni
Ep 10: Angelica Kauffman with Nika Garrett
Ep 9: George Melly with Gary Yershon
Ep 8: Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell with Elaine Galloway
Ep 7: Casanova with Ian Kelly
Ep 6: Fanny Kelly with Luke Dixon
Ep 5: Shelley with Ken Hollings
Ep 4: Jeffrey Bernard with Michael Heath
Ep 3: Jessie Matthews with Rob Baker
Ep 2: Groucho Marx with Mark Brisenden
Ep 1: Karl Marx with Tony Shrimplin

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