Episode 29 show notes:
Del Pike defends the notorious Absolute Beginners (1986) and Aidan McManus talks about the early, Soho years of David Bowie.

Episode 28 show notes:
We talk to the biographer Anna Cale about Diana Dors’s 1955 RomCom, Value for Money and we hear from Nigel Hamilton-Walker about his friend, Dandy Kim
Episode 27 show notes:
Three guests! Dr Lawrence Napper on Saturday Night Revue (1937), Rob Baker on the bombing of the Cafe de Paris & Ken “Snakehips” Johnson and Richard Luck on Welwyn Studios.
Episode 26 Show notes:
A night of debauchery at a screening of Too Hot to Handle (1960) is followed by a discussion with the founder of the Lobotomy Room film night, Graham Russel, about the film.

Episode 25 show notes:
Ken Hollings returns to the show to enthuse about The Golden Disc (1958) and journalist and writer Garth Cartwright talks about the history of the Soho record shop scene.
Episode 24 show notes:
Writer, Mark Brisenden, sups a Guinness in the Toucan, one of the settings of the comedy, Something in the City (1950) and we talk to David Boyd Haycock about the King of Bohemia – the painter, Augustus John.
Episode 23 show notes:
Members of the South Bank Talkies film discussion group chat about courtroom drama, The Boys (1962) and we hear about the early days of punk from Shanne Bradley, founder member of punk band, The Nipple Erectors.
Episode 22 show notes:
For our Spanish themed episode, Oscar nominated composer, Gary Yershon, chose A Touch of Class (1973) and Dom meets up with Jan de Vries, manager of Bradley’s Spanish Bar – one of London’s smallest pubs.
Episode 21 show notes:
Cevin Moore of the Here Lies Amicus podcast joins us to talk about the Sci-Fi horror, The Night Caller (1965) and Dr Laura Mayne talks about Butcher’s Film Services who were based in Soho for decades.
Episode 20 show notes:
Film critic, Richard Luck, talks about the grimy Soho thriller, The Shakedown (1960) and we discuss the film’s writer, Leigh Vance, with Dr Melanie Williams.

Episode 19 show notes:
Artist, musician and 1960s satirist, Barry Fantoni, on 1960s satire, Smashing Time (1967) and we huddle in a shop doorway with historian, Jago Hazzard, to hear about the history of Carnaby Street.
Episode 18 show notes:
Film producer, Colin Vaines, on Michael Powell’s masterpiece, Peeping Tom (1960) and Stephen Fenerty talks about the “Queen of the UK pin-ups”, Pamela Green, who has a small part in the film.
Episode 17 show notes:
Theatre Director, Luke Dixon, talks about Cover Girl Killer (1959) which was shot in his back yard and we talk to the “Truffaut of Smut”, David McGillivray, to hear about the early smut peddler, George Harrison Marks.
Episode 16 show notes:
All three members of the Talking Pictures TV Podcast team come in to talk about Soho Conspiracy (1950) and Dr Adrian Smith is on the show again talking about the notorious Soho based film producer, EJ Fancey.
Episode 15 show notes:
Podcaster, Adam Roche, drops in to talk about Tonight & Every Night (1945) in the 3rd & final Windmill Theatre themed mini-series, and we conclude our interview with former Windmill girl, Jill Millard-Shapiro, hearing about the Windmill’s final days.
Episode 14 show notes:
In the 2nd of our Windmill Theatre themed 3-parter, Dr Ellen Wright talks about Murder at the Windmill (1949) and we hear again from Jill Millard-Shapiro about her time as a Windmill Girl.
Episode 13 show notes:
In this 1st episode of a 3-part Windmill Theatre themed mini-series, the actor, Mike Warburton talks about Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) and the former Windmill girl, Jill Millard-Shapiro tells us about how the Windmill got started.
Episode 12 show notes:
Recorded before lockdown, Dom meets up with podcaster Daniel Reifferscheid in a busy pub to talk about Das Phantom von Soho (1964) and we hear from Tony Shrimplin from the Museum of Soho about Karl Marx’s time in the area.
Episode 11 show notes:
Dr Adrian Smith returns to talk about the cult classic, Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (1964). We chat to one of the film’s stars and meet up with jazz singer, David Tughan, at Ronnie Scotts on the night the lockdown started.
Episode 10 show notes:
Silent film curator, Michelle Facey, on the 1922 shocker Cocaine and author, Rob Baker, talks about the notorious drug fiend (or was he?) Brilliant Chang.
Episode 9 show notes:
Cultural commentator, Ken Hollings, talks about the Soho Noir, Night & The City (1950) and we nervously go down a dark alley with Michael J Buchanan Dunne of the Murder Mile podcast to hear about the death of the boxer, Freddie Mills.
Episode 8 Shosho notes:
Photographer, Julian Rodriguez, on the “Shot in Soho” exhibition which he co-curated and the London Silent Film Group attend a screening of Piccadilly (1929) at Regent St Cinema.
Episode 7 show notes:
The Rev Liz Clutterbuck meets up with Dom to discuss Miracle in Soho (1957) and we head to St Anne’s Church on Dean St to talk to Alex Hester about his father, John, who was the vicar of Soho in the 1960s & 70s.
Episode 6 show notes:
Writer & Broadcaster, Sioned Wiliam, enthuses about Expresso Bongo (1959) and Nika Garrett of MyLondonWalks explains the history of the 1950s  Soho coffee shop boom.
Episode 5 show notes:
Dom is joined live on stage by Aidan McManus and Dr Melanie Williams at the Regent St Cinema for a screening of Rattle of a Simple Man (1964) and heads out into the wilds of Sussex to chat to the Soho Cricket Collective.
Episode 4 show notes:
Dr Adrian Smith of Sussex University comes armed with memorabilia to talk to Jingan about Secrets of  Windmill Girl (1966) and Dom attends a screening of the Tales from Tin Pan Alley documentary and chats to its director, Henry Scott-Irvine.
Episode 3 show notes:
Adam Roche, creator of the Secret History of Hollywood podcast talks about two Hitchcock films from either end of his career- The Lodger (1927) and Frenzy (1972).  Aidan McManus chats with Dom about Soho gangsters.
Episode 2 show notes: 
Comedian, Mel Byron, discusses Street of Shadows (1953) with Jingan and Dom meets up with actor, singer & graphic novelist, Jessica Martin, to hear about her late father, the Soho band leader, Ido.
Episode 1 show notes:
Jingan talks to Prof Michael Berkowitz of UCL about the Jewish influences in The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963) and Dom goes on a Soho pub crawl with the men behind the Reelstreets website.
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