Episode 25 show notes:
Ken Hollings on The Golden Disc
PLUS Garth Cartwright on Soho record shops
Episode 24 show notes:
Mark Brisenden on Something in the City
PLUS David Boyd Haycock on Augustus John
Episode 23 show notes:
South Bank Talkies on The Boys

PLUS Shanne Bradley of the Nipple Erectors
Episode 22 show notes:
Gary Yershon on A Touch of Class
PLUS Jan de Vries on Bradley’s Spanish Bar
Episode 21 show notes:
Cevin Moore on The Night Caller

PLUS Dr Laura Mayne on Butcher’s Film Services
Episode 20 show notes:
Richard Luck on The Shakedown PLUS Melanie Williams on Leigh Vance

Episode 19 show notes:
Barry Fantoni on Smashing Time PLUS Jago Hazzard on Carnaby Street
Episode 18 show notes:
Colin Vaines on Peeping Tom PLUS Stephen Fenerty on Pamela Green
Episode 17 show notes:
Luke Dixon on Cover Girl Killer PLUS David McGillivray
on Harrison Marks
Episode 16 show notes:
The Talking Pictures TV podcast team on Soho Conspiracy PLUS Adrian Smith on EJ Fancey
Episode 15 show notes:
Adam Roche on Tonight & Every Night PLUS Jill Millard Shapiro on the Windmill’s final days
Episode 14 show notes:
Dr Ellen Wright on Murder at the Windmill PLUS Jill Millard Shapiro on her time as a Windmill girl
Episode 13 show notes:
Mike Warburton on Mrs Henderson Presents PLUS Jill Millard Shapiro on the early days of the Windmill
Episode 12 show notes:
Daniel Reifferscheid on Das Phantom von Soho PLUS Tony Shrimplin on Karl Marx
Episode 11 show notes:
Adrian Smith on Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? PLUS David Tughan on Ronnie Scott’s
Episode 10 show notes:
Michelle Facey on Cocaine (lol) PLUS Rob Baker on Brilliant Chang
Episode 9 show notes:
Ken Hollings on Night and the City PLUS Michael J Buchanan-Dunne
on the death of Freddie Mills
Episode 8 Shosho notes:
The London Silent Film Group on Piccadilly PLUS Julian Rodriguez on the “Shot in Soho” exhibition
Episode 7 show notes:
Rev Liz Clutterbuck on Miracle in Soho PLUS Alex Hester on his late father
, the former rector of St Anne’s
Episode 6 show notes:
Sioned Wiliam on Expresso Bongo PLUS Nika Garrett on Soho Coffee culture
Episode 5 show notes:
Live on stage at the Regent St Cinema, Melanie Williams on Rattle of a Simple Man PLUS The Soho Cricket Collective
Episode 4 show notes:
Dr Adrian Smith on Secrets of a Windmill Girl PLUS Henry Scott-Irvine on Tales from Tin Pan Alley
Episode 3 show notes:
Adam Roche on The Lodger & Frenzy PLUS Aidan McManus talks about gangland Soho
Episode 2 show notes: 
Mel Byron on Street of Shadows PLUS Jessica Martin talks about her later father, the Soho band leader, Ido
Episode 1 show notes:
Michael Berkowitz on The Small World of Sammy Lee PLUS the Reelstreets Soho pub crawl
Click on the banner for Mural Morsels – the Soho Bites spin-off series of short features about historical
figures who appear in the Spirit of Soho mural on the corner of Broadwick Street and Carnaby Street